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Brain Banger: Munsoned CDEP


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Members of Young Widows (Nick Thieneman, and Jeremy McMonigle)

BRAIN BANGER, the name leaves nothing to the imagination. Formed in Louisville, Kentucky after several runs of trial and error. This three piece have been playing together under various names and line-ups for several years until this one sunk in heavy. BRAIN BANGER features powerful vocals on top of tight bass/drum grooves and often ambient guitar riffs. They hail much of their influence from the early 90’s Northwest while having severe growing pains to 70’s punk and metal. Consisting of Nick Thieneman (YOUNG WIDOWS, BREATHER RESIST, BLACK CROSS) on bass/vocals, Patrick Hume on guitar (knighted as one of many LORDS bassists), and Jeremy McMonigle (YOUNG WIDOWS) on drums; their sound has an originality in the tradition of bands from their hometown. With songs that are short, yet powerful, BRAIN BANGER leaves the listener with a feeling of bewilderment. "Munsoned" is the band's 5 song CDEP sophomore effort recorded by Chris Owens (DEAD CHILD, COLISEUM, YOUNG WIDOWS, AKIMBO).

Track Listing:

A No Brainer
Stay Down
Pay Attention