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Jaye Jayle: The Road To New Mexico Vinyl 7"


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Side A: The Road To New Mexico
Side B: Ease Your Own Mind

300 Pressed

Jaye Jayle is Evan Patterson (YOUNG WIDOWS / OLD BABY). Jaye Jayle wasn't a plan. Jaye Jayle was a desert dream, that exists solely based around the immediate limitations of one man's surrounding: An old beat-up parlor guitar that can barely hold a tune, a beautifully inspiring women attending graduate school, and a sincere song writing obsession. Evan chews into the fruits of droning minimal blues, boogie rock rhythms, cloudy synthetic atmospheres, and simple story telling. This 7" single is part of a series. Each record contains a couple of songs from an eleven song album wrote entirely in Santa Fe, NM.

The Jaylebyrds on this recording also consisted of these fine folks:
J. G. Wood, Matt Fox, Lowe Sutherland, Sean Johnson, Neal Argabright, Kevin Molloy, Kaelah McMonigle, Jim Marlowe, and Dane Waters.

Recorded by Warren Christopher Gray. Mastered at Decibel by Brian Luken.

Here is a link to the Soundcloud page to hear the A-side:

Here is a link to the video for the A-side