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Meat Wave: Meat Wave Vinyl LP


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Marble Swirl Vinyl.

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Chicago punk trio Meat Wave create intense, frenetic post-hardcore so
engaging and artfully melodic that it’s hard to believe they’re
self-titled debut is their first release. Having been in several bands
together, Chris Sutter and drummer Ryan Wizniak started Meat Wave as
an outlet to create fast, sophisticated punk akin to influences Les
Savy Fav and Hot Snakes. With the addition of Joe Gac -their first
choice of bassist- and his highly capable talents as a recording
engineer rounding the band out, Meat Wave have already managed to
establish themselves as a band with a sound and presence as immediate
and difficult to pigeonhole as their influences.

“Meat Wave” was recorded by Gac early last year and was originally
given away for free online and available physically on a small
cassette-only run. Now Hawthorne Street Records is proud to release
this incredible debut record that shows a bright and burgeoning new
band already capable of sharp, evocative rock that transcends
influence and categorization.

01. Keep Smoking
02. 15 Years
03. Brother
04. It's Not Alright
05. Lurie Garden Chopping
06. No Definition
07. Bloodline
08. Too Much
09. Panopticon

500 Pressed